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from three goes infinity

Dao to the birth of one;

One to the birth of two;

Two to the birth of three;

Three to the birth of all.

I have always known this phrase since I was young. Without guidance nor any knowledge of it, I took it as a no-brainer truth. I played it on the tip of my tongue like a toy, sang it like a lullaby before I slept. It was light then, meant nothing but a common phrase that resonates. As I grew up, it became unrecognizable; each term became an unsolved puzzle. It was then I realized the very knowledge of this sentence made me ignorant of it. 


The sculpture From Three Goes Infinity is the world in my eyes, a complex world connected by thin strings, covering its true face with the net of doubt and uncertainty. I see myself sealed inside the concrete and sharing the same body with other beings. This sculpture is a world in itself and a statue of Noah's Ark with all the materials sealed inside. I collected materials that embodied the world around me, such as rock, plants, animal remains, seeds, and more. I used these materials to build a world frozen in time, allowing viewers to observe it from a distance, isolate themselves from the distractions of living in one.

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